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Your resume online, available anytime Yes Yes recruiter-friendly resume features (see demo) Yes Yes
Get number of views of your resume Yes Yes
Messages sent from your resume received in internal messaging Yes Yes
E-mail notification each time your resume is viewed Yes Yes
User-friendly resume URL name
The resume internet address you present to recruiters is (for instance): JohnDoe-SoftwareEngineer
instead of: 54C8DDFE6A9F2D6F
No Yes
References: have people you've been working with recommending you. No Yes
Trainings: list the trainings you attended. Connect them to related technical skills. No Yes
Statistics on your resume views No Yes
Detailed information on your resume statistics on views No Yes
All messages sent from your resume automatically forwarded to your e-mail No Yes
Monthly price $0 - 0€ $7.99 - 7.99€
Recruiter can send you an SMS directly from your resume
Please check SMS coverage before choosing this option.
No Optional for Advanced option
$2.99 - 2.99€ / month
for 10 SMS per month.